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The Worthy Femme

Nicole B. Gebhardt – CEO

Hey there! Get ready for something truly special – The Worthy Femme Experience. This isn’t just another program. It’s a game-changer, crafted especially for women like you who are eager to smash those barriers and soar to new heights in both your personal and career lives. Created with lots of love and deep insights by Nicole B. Gebhardt, this experience goes way beyond typical coaching.

It’s a thrilling journey that’s all about firing up that amazing potential inside you. Think of it as a treasure chest filled with wisdom, practical skills, and a bunch of people who’ve got your back, all geared towards one big thing: helping you chase those dreams and be the powerful woman you’re meant to be. Come on board, and let’s find out together what being a Worthy Femme is all about!

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Claim Your New Identity

There’s a version of you that exists, and she is waiting for you to let go of your current identity and finally take full grasp of the new identity that lives an amazing life with zero limitations!

Embody Your Empowerment

When you know that your limitations were set by you and you alone, thislevel of responsibility unlocks the true potential for what your life has to offer.


Gratitude is te key to unlocking all the amazing wonders of the universe and connecting with its every wonder! Allow gratitude to flow in every aspect of your life (yes, even the hard parts). Be grateful and unlock your WORTHINESS!

Healing vs. Hustle

Finally, embrace that having all the things you desire in your life is about healing, not hustling. You don’t have to work harder. We have to heal faster. Healing is the gateway to attracting more. 


Once we have discovered hidden trauma and pain, and heal it. Clarity comes to us like a flood and we are able to DO different things and take different actions like never before. Allowing new results to ensue almost immediately!


The environment, the people, and the communities we become active participants in will always amplify the inner energy you creat from healing and new clarity-based actions. Getting around women that will push you is the final piece of your WORTHY life!

Gateway to Life

Explore the Worthy Femme Journey

Dive deep into the heart of The Worthy Femme Experience, a meticulously crafted program that stands as a beacon of transformation. At its core, our program is structured to address the unique challenges and aspirations of high-achieving women. We blend innovative coaching techniques with practical, real-world applications to foster personal and professional growth.

  • Methodology: Our approach is holistic, combining emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and self-awareness practices.
  • Program Structure: Spanning several weeks, the program includes one-on-one coaching sessions, interactive workshops, and exclusive access to a supportive community.
  • Unique Features: Distinctive elements like personalized action plans, empowerment exercises, and wellness practices are integral to our methodology, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive experience.

Each component of The Worthy Femme Experience is designed to unlock your potential, helping you navigate life’s complexities with grace and strength. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your career, enhance your relationships, or simply find a greater sense of purpose, this program is your gateway to a life of fulfillment and success.

Energy Source

Each are in your life services a symbiotic purpose for the other areas of your life! No one area is more important than the other.

Spiritual – Our connection to the source

Mental – Our connection with self

Physical – Our connection to our body

Family – Our connection to loved ones

Relationships – Our connection to those that we spend time with

Business – Our connection to the impact we create

Finances – Our connection to treasures

Lifestyle – Our connection with gratitude

3 Steps to worthy femme success

Find Your True Worthiness with The Worthy Femme Experience

The Worthy Femme Experience is more than just a program; it’s a revelation of your true power and worthiness. Crafted by Nicole B. Gebhardt, this experience is a call to break free from societal constraints and personal limitations. It’s a journey to discover and heal the hidden pains and traumas that hold you back. Nicole’s personal story of overcoming adversity, from dealing with addiction to facing the profound loss of a child, fuels her passion to guide others. Her approach is deeply rooted in understanding that real success isn’t about external achievements, but about tapping into your inner glow, buried beneath life’s challenges.

In this 12-week transformative program, Nicole leads you through a step-by-step process to unlock your true potential. The journey is about doing less and achieving more with effortless grace. It’s about thriving in your relationships, career, and personal life without burnout. Imagine a life where success flows to you, where your relationships flourish with love and abundance, and where you radiate an undeniable glow of fulfillment.

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Let’s Learn Together!

Join us in The Worthy Femme Experience and step into a life where your pains become your purpose, where each day you awaken to choose who you will be, and where your worthiness is not just felt but lived. It’s time to embrace the worthy femme within you.